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How to Have the Most Beautiful and Stress Free Wedding

1. Marriage License: You will need to submit the "Application for Marriage License" and the "License and Certificate of Marriage" to the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands. Mail both documents to the Court well before you plan to arrive, as the Court must receive them no less than 8 business days prior to the wedding. No physical examination or blood tests are required, however, if either person is divorced, please attach a certified copy of the divorce decree. If either party is widowed, please include a certified copy of the death certificate. You may contact this office for copies of both forms, or you may contact the Court at the following address and telephone number.

Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Family Court Division
Post Office Box 70
St. Thomas, USVI 00804
340-774-6680 ext. 6607

2. License Fees: The Court charges $200.00 for the license. A money order or certified check in the amount of $100.00, made out to the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, must be enclosed with your application. The other $100.00 can be paid when the license is picked up. I personally recommend that the entire $200 is paid with the application.

3. Other Wedding Planners: When calling to plan the "Big Day", make sure the wedding company you choose has coordinators that you feel comfortable with. Choose one that makes you feel that they are in control and who can assure you the most perfect wedding. Ask for references! Call a couple that has worked with the planner and ask some very important questions, such as:

  • The site of the wedding. Is it what they promised? Did they tell you that you were going to be married on a deserted beach, only to arrive and find a cruise ship full of people there? Remember, all beaches in the Virgin Islands are open to the public.
  • If they are picking you up, what kind of vehicle will it be? Did they promise a limo and then send a jeep? There are very few limos on the island, so be sure to plan ahead. Also, make sure that whatever mode of transportation used is clean!

4. Your Wedding Day: Never, but never, plan your wedding on a day of travel, no matter how short the trip. Unless, of course you are arriving for the day by cruise ship. No circles or bags under the eyes needed for these special photos! (Also tempers may be a little short after a long travel day.) So, take the time to relax before your Big Day!

5. Wedding Gowns: The Bride should always carry her wedding gown aboard the air plane. Most airlines have enough space, and, it will usually assure you a bottle of champagne, once they realize you are about to be married!

6. Carry all "necessities" for the wedding in your carry on, just in case your luggage doesn't make it to the wedding.

7. Hang your wedding dress up as soon as you get to the hotel. It is amazing how the wrinkles will fall out on the most delicate of dresses. If a pressing touch is needed we can arrange to have the dress steamed for an additional fee.

8. Bring at least 2 pairs of that favorite shade of stockings. Nerves and sharp fingernails don't mix when trying to put on hose!

9. Bring the shade of nail polish you have on your nails just in case a quick touch up is needed.

10. Sun burn...don't do it! You don't need a fabulous tan for your wedding pictures. In fact, shiny noses and strap marks are definitely out this year! (Not to mention the pain!)

11. Now for the Groom...Bring a Tux from home, as most rental companies charge the same for a weekend or a week. The proper fit is as crucial as the condition of the tux. So, don't leave this to chance! If you are more comfortable in a blazer and pants, go for it. (But, don't decide to wear shorts if your bride will be wearing a formal gown.) Remember, the pictures will live with you the rest of your life! Of course, if you both decide to go "Island", that's great too. Just try to coordinate colors and patterns.

12. Most importantly, be relaxed on your special day! Let us worry about the cake being perfect, the champagne being chilled, the grass being cut, the gazebo being decorated, and the minister, photographer, videographer, musicians and flowers being on time....You're here to enjoy, and remember this beautiful day forever.

Download Planning your Wedding worksheet to help you with you planning.
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